A Difficult Customer

My husband is a career military man, and we have found I need to work to help make ends meet. Last year, he was offered a temporary assignment that would raise his pay, so we decided to sacrifice a year of being together. I moved to a small town for lower rent while he was gone, and it saved us quite a bit of money. I found work in a small shop on the main road, and most of the customers have been very friendly. There is one woman who has been nasty to me all year, but I think that has finally come to an end.

I never felt it was my place to ask her why she was so unkind to me at work, but I ran into her while I was at a local restaurant with a few friends. She started in on me about how I should be home, taking care of my children, and I should find myself a man. Startled at her final comment, I asked her what she meant by that. She told me she knew I had never been married, and it was shameful of me to flaunt it.

My friends and I all began laughing hysterically, and this really upset her. I had been invited out for coffee by my friends, and they all knew my husband was coming home a few days early. He was standing behind the woman, with a huge smile on his face and he had a dozen yellow roses in his arms for me.

As the laughter died down, he tapped the woman on the shoulder. He told her he hadn’t seen me in nearly a year, and he’d be interested to hear how I had managed to have three more children. She suddenly realized why she had never seen my husband, and I suspect she will be nicer in the future.