It’s been said (and proven) that acquiring new consumers cost a lot more than keeping the ones you currently have.

That’s why it’s a great idea to:

1. Maintain and up-sell your present customers

2. Get brand-new clients as inexpensively as possible

As a small company owner myself, I’ve discovered small business marketing ideas to assist market to brand-new clients and keep the ones already on the client-list.

Customer care- Now, this might appear old-fashioned, however in today’s quickly altering and automated environment, customer care is becoming obsolete. As a customer, we all know exactly what it’s like to be put on hold or not provided the type of service we wish to receive. Keep your existing clients pleased through exceptional customer service. Return calls as rapidly as possible. Deal several techniques of calling your company and make sure all these techniques are not just included on all your marketing materials, but don’t forget to make sure these are monitored effectively. Go above and beyond to make sure customers feel a part of your company and understand their true value. Keep in mind, you want to keep your existing customers and make sure they go back to your business-not your competition!

Cost- Although this may not look like a small company advertising idea, it really is. A part of any tactical marketing plan need to include knowing your competition and, of course, their prices. As a small company, you may not have the ability to deal with large-scale deliveries or orders, however you do have more control over your costs-and your price. This can be your special selling point. Price a little below your competitors in your area and begin marketing this lower cost!

Competence- Offering client service is something, but being a valued professional in your field is another. Be the one that your customers call when they have a question concerning “x”. Supply these valuable concerns and responses in a newsletter or on your site. Possibilities are, if one customer has the question, then another is most likely to would like to know the answer also. For example, one client may ask “Exactly what is best for SEO: link-building or quality content?” I can just offer my ideas on this in a simplified action. Personally, I believe both are really helpful in improving your online search engine rankings. If I go into more detail in a newsletter “Q & A” format, I can then use that exact same material for other marketing avenues. Not just I am offering the consumer with an important service, however likewise helping to get content for future marketing collateral pieces.

Social networking- This is actually getting worth for small company advertising. Not only is it totally free, however it is likewise fairly easy to browse and preserve. Easy one-line posts or tweets are actually all you need to keep your social networking activities when your preliminary accounts are set-up. Facebook does enable you, nevertheless, to also publish videos and images to your status settings. I recommend offering suggestions, market news, some of your professional suggestions, “Q & A’s”, photos of a brand-new product, or maybe a YouTube video of a brand-new gadget you are now offering. You can individualize your Facebook page for your company and begin building it each day. Be sure to include the widget to your website and e-mails to acquire more fans or fans. Within Facebook, you can even invite your friends to become fans of your page. This is a terrific place to try to ‘up-sell’ your present clients with brand-new promos or special deals. Make certain you aren’t selling with each post, nevertheless. A good rule of thumb to follow is for every four or five posts, that you in fact develop only one ‘offering’ post. The others ought to be useful or supply valuable pointers. Basically, you don’t constantly want to sell your clients with each and every post, or you might lose them.